Thu. May 26th, 2022

#StudentLoan #Millenial
Yahoo Finance’s Karina Mitchell speaks with Jessica Lautz, National Association of Realtors Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights, to discuss how student loan debt is preventing millennials from owning a home, rising trends, liquidity, the housing market, mortgage rates, and the outlook for real estate in 2022.

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By Dannie

25 thoughts on “Student loans are holding back millennials who want to be homebuyers”
  1. Its not so bad fellow millennials, student loan debt is unsecured debt (technically because in lieu of collateral the government is guaranteeing the loans) until you own a home or assets! They cant lien what you don’t own.

    1. Here in the UK, people can’t use bankruptcy to get out of their government-backed student loans. They should have a law like this in the US too.

    2. So it’s okay because millennials aren’t worth anything…. hahaha thanks for the laugh! Hopefully they stay like that.

    3. @metallitech They have that in the US too. We also have IDR which allows borrowers to have payments as low as $0/month and after 25 years the debt is forgiven. As a result, people are working less and staying intentionally underemployed to avoid paying $400/month for eternity and is one of the reasons why there is a labor shortage. You cant get blood from a stone.

  2. ^This and also the historical P/E avrg has been between 13 – 20 times earnings (depending on industry). We are way over that so yeah the cheap valuation are non-existent if these companies don’t have growing revenues going forward…the stimulus spigot is closing really quick so value investing could rule in the next 2 years.

  3. Forget the student loans, it’s rent and home prices that are holding millennials back. An extra $300 bucks a month won’t make a bit of difference.

  4. If the millennials can’t handle a chicken sh1t 30k student loan, why are they asking for 500k home loan?

  5. Excellent guest and an under-reported topic. There should be no tax on people who wanted to learn. Especially when they were blatantly lied to about their career prospects. Frankly, most professions don’t really need college degrees, but credentialism is a way of separating young kids and their families (especially first-generation college students) from their future earnings. What a disgrace.

    1. @Yo Lo in what respect? Who’s selling the kool-aid? Are they elite interests looking to exploit workers? Or are they people who believe in an open and free society where there’s not an economic barrier to entry for education?

  6. your news analysis is full of bullcrap, if you’re a gainfully employed allocate a portion to repay your debts, you can still buy a home. You can’t even do basic math?

  7. I was born in 94. I got good grades in school and went to college and got a degree. I got a nice job and saved up for a down payment on a house all before the pandemic started. I paid off all my student loans with investments I made. The only thing stopping you from being a homeowner is yourself

  8. this is bullshit, i paid my entire student loan through income and had to sacrifice about 4 years of pay that would otherwise have gone into investing.
    amazing what dems will do to buy votes.

  9. Credit card debt, car loans, hospital bills, student loans — any type of debt/loan is holding people back from purchasing something *else* that they want. Not sure why the media and democrats have sort of anointed student debt as the special one that should be forgiven.

  10. The evil democrat boomers tell these idiots to get into debts they can’t afford to pay off. We should cancel student loans and cancel teacher pensions to make it fair.

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