Thu. May 26th, 2022

For nearly two years, most student loan borrowers have been spared the obligation of making payments on their balances. Their interest rate has also been frozen, and for the millions in default, the collection calls have stopped.

That officially ends in February. As President Joe Biden’s administration had promised, the payment process will restart for 41 million Americans in the month of February, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last week during a press briefing. More details about how the restart will work will be released in the coming weeks, the Education Department said in a statement Wednesday. []

On Saturday, Roland Martin spoke with The Cross Connection’s Tiffany D. Cross about student loan forgiveness and if President Joe Biden has the power to cancel the debt of millions of Americans.

Video credit: MSNBC

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40 thoughts on “Student Loan Repayments Restart In February. Does Biden Have The Power To Cancel Student Debt?”
    1. Who’s the “you people” you’re referring to? If you’re referring to black folks..please know that there’s far more white folks getting free stuff than black folks have ever received.

  1. Roland Martin is pushing a segregationist threw the primary look like Republican house and Senate Democrats lose younger people lantos asians plantation boy Roland Martin the ultimate segregationist

  2. People are holding off buying homes, marriage and kids because of student debt. Biden is an a$$hole. He doesn’t give a sh!t. These people are con artists.

  3. Why are people so surprised that the poor paid for everything. When you want to block selling drugs you’re going to the drug addict to make your money you’re not going to the rich guy to making money because he’s not going to spend money like the poor guy will. Back to basis of American capitalism.

    1. A. Yes you can. Every owner is still beholden to the supremacy. But get your shit off😂
      B. Only the poorly educated hate on Kamala

    2. Facts. He needs to challenge her. They love to use us for their votes, but they never do anything for us. I’m glad I didn’t vote for these jokers. Biden and his prop. Disgusting.

    3. @LevonAllenActor Not true. People who have actually followed electoral politics throughout the Dem primary and know her history of flip-flopping on key issues and people who followed her history of enforcing Neo-liberal policies as a legislator in California hate on her also. Plus she pretty much has a history of doing whatever could further her career as opposed to necessarily doing the right thing.

  4. Pay for your own degree. I went to trade school and directly to work. Didn’t cost or affect anyone anything but me

    1. Well if you look back through history you would know Biden has lied more than anyone on the planet. He ran for president in the 80s and used other presidents speeches as his own. Wanted to segregate schools because he didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle and he did write the 94 crime bill lmao what you didn’t do your research on him or did you just go by what the news outlets told you?

    2. @Craig Smith Roland seems to forget all of that he thinks Biden is a friend of the black people

  5. Frankly $10k student loan debt forgiveness is not even a drop in the bucket. Thats nothing more than a token gesture. The interest alone will eat that up and you’re right back where you started. Millions of people lost their jobs during the last 2 years and are still struggling to get financially secure.

    1. So- should those of us that paid our debt now take your tax money as a refund? That’s what your asking- for those of us that paid our bills to pay yours.

    2. @LevonAllenActor Were you saying the same when they use OUR tax money to dismiss the debts of banks?. When they gave trillion dollar tax breaks to the 1%? When they spend exorbitant amounts on military equipment just to leave it in some foreign country? When Congress, the Senators, the government gives themselves pay raises? When those politicians do nothing but rant and rave yet our tax dollars are paying for their offices, travel expenses, salaries ? I bet you don’t. Our tax dollars are wasted on far more costly things than the reduction or forgiveness of a portion of student loans would.

    3. @LevonAllenActor I asking you for shit …you assume far too much. I don’t have to have a student loan to acknowledge or support the benefits that the possibility of student loan forgiveness would bring. Just like I pay my bills but I don’t get pissed or become an asshole about someone who couldn’t pay theirs and filed bankruptcy or got some sort of credit card forgiveness. Its a big world and its not all about YOU.

  6. What canceling student debt really means is Democrats writing a giant check to the banks by taking out debt in the taxpayers name. All while Democrats get filthy rich by buying stock in those banks prior to said banks collecting record profits.

    1. Exactly not only that but the percentage of blacks who attend college is too low to justify student loan debt being cancelled across the board. You’d be essentially cancelling the bull of wyte debt for wytes ages 35 to 18. They’re already in the midsts of the biggest boomer wealth transfer in history propagated by quantitative easing and now you want them to inherit trillions and have no student loan debt to boot? Are y’all crazy. Cancelling student loan debt across the board would bury black folks and permanently out price black Americans out of the American dream indefinitely. They think prices are high now. Wait until they cancel student loan debt and wytes have more cash to burn as a result. Blacks won’t be able to afford to by a sock after that.

  7. Lmfao oh he can try executive order but it will get shot down in the Supreme Court lol now if he was a dictator he could but in reality you have to go through legislation . Which means the house and senate lol you guys wish he was a dictator and he has tried to be with his executive orders lol

  8. Free Joe Biden checks extra unemployment food stamps welfare and now you people want free school…

  9. I and a lot of young people voted for him on the promise that he will for give student loan is this a way to get us to vote for him maybe next time he won’t get my vote

  10. Joe Manchin has all the power. Whatever joe manchin says goes and it will be this way until Trump gets back into office. A wasted 4 years

    1. AGREE 100%, biden is letting manchin run everything becouse biden agrees with manchin on EVERYTHING. manchin is the scapegoat of the democratic party.

  11. this is a BS question “debate ” designed to provide cover for joe biden. you all know he has the power to do it because he has been canceling student debt since at least sept.

  12. He does, and he shouldn’t have made promises he couldn’t keep. But “ we know joe and joe knows us” 🤡 can’t wait to vote this dude out

  13. Roland should’ve been asking these questions when Biden was promising eliminating student debt…………..he was too busy parroting the Democratic “get trump out” mantra to do real journalism

  14. There’s not enough black college graduates for this to be a black issue. Cancelling student loan debt would only increase the racial wealth gap seeing as how the highest population of college graduates are wyte. This along with voter suppression is yet another non-issue that’s being used to turn the discussion away from reparations.

  15. NO increase in minumum wage, NO voting rights act, NO civil rights act, NO ending the filibuster, the SAME anti immigrant policies as trump, the SAME foreign policy as trump, biden LIED about ending drilling in the gulf, NO student loan forgiveness, and biden and his AG are protecting trump, bannon, alex jones, etc, NO getting rid of trumps postmaster general dejoy……ALL this with a democratioc house, senate and presidency. joe manching is not the problem, joe BIDEN is the problwem. when senator manchin is the ruler of the democratic party ( which he IS) we are screwed!. I will NOT vote in 24 for biden or kamala harris.

  16. Roland is stuck on stupid acting as he doesn’t know if Biden has the power, scary black media don’t want to lose those ad dollars.

  17. Biden used his power in the senate to keep folks from discharging student debt in bankruptcy proceedings. He will do the bare minimum to doing jack sh!t about student debt relief.

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