Thu. May 26th, 2022

Student loan forgiveness was a hot topic during the 2020 election cycle. With so many outstanding student loan payments, will the government step in to wipe out the debt? While many theorize about this, Robert Farrington takes the opposite angle, urging those who have student loans to prepare for repayment, rather than cancellation. This way, even if your student loans get forgiven, you’re put in a financially advantageous spot.

Robert runs The College Investor, a website dedicated to investing and personal finance for millennials. It comes as no surprise that the biggest thing on millennials’ minds are student loans, especially after two years of repayment moratoriums. So, how does someone strapped with student loans prepare for repayment, especially when so many variables are up in the air? Well, according to Robert, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re paying on time and with as little stress as possible.

Episode note: This episode was recorded prior to the new student loan pause, set to expire on May 1st, 2022. Mindy and Robert record a special intro to update listeners on the new dates set by the Biden Administration. All other topics discussed in the show, especially around repayment strategy, are still viable and accurate for those who have student loans.

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Episode 267

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0:00 Intro
5:05 2 Years of Paused Payments
8:16 Student Loan Forgiveness
15:21 Student Loan Scams and Preparing to Pay
20:40 Student Loan Refinancing
26:25 Understanding Your Payment and Terms
29:40 Your Repayment Plan Options
32:36 What Should YOU Do Now?
39:44 Famous Four

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