Thu. May 26th, 2022

Student loan debt is a $1.5 trillion financial crisis in America. The average household with student debt owes more than $47,000. Mark Strassmann examines the issue in a special CBS News series, “Life and Debt.”

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By Efren

28 thoughts on “Student loan debt crisis spans generations”
  1. college is total scam including computer science/engineering field. Where in the world would you use calculus, chemistry, physics or other science electives in computer field? complete total waste of brain space, effort and time and why is college still teaching these ancient science? newton law, theory of relativity for high level physics, high level useless maths, why?? The only thing that computer people need is discrete math, statistics and so on. instead of teaching these non-sense, why not let student take 2-3 certifications such as linux certs or windows certs, which is actually useful for future career. Out of college I’m making $70k, my boss with no college degree and ahead of me by 4 years with certifications and focus that the company needs, this is completely broken system, can’t even begin…

  2. It’s okay to attend the “big name” universities if you can afford it. It’s best to explore scholarships, be mindful that colleges, states, and the federal government gives out grants, which don’t need to be repaid as well.  Education is not measured by what university that you got your diploma from, but that you know the knowledge.

  3. A Bachelor’s degree in Political Science is not worth much as Taylor is now finding out.

  4. Im Gen Z with no debt and I would say stay away from universitys. Go to Job Corps Community College or just get a job.

  5. I had 5.1% interest rates “locked in” after consolidating my loans, but the government became a predatory lender and forced my interest rate way up just a few years later. The government charges an insane 7% for grad school loans. Meanwhile, you can get a mortgage for half of that amount. The government’s usury interest charged has driven up the debt amounts owed. That extra 2% interest increased my debt load by $40,000 over the last decade.
    The government student loan program is a predatory lender.

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  6. Found this link in an article written by someone who believes too many people are unecessarily going to college.

     “According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, there are over 30 million jobs that pay an average of $55,000 a year and do not require a bachelor’s degree. The healthcare industry alone is creating millions of high-paying jobs that don’t require students to study for four years.

    Despite the benefits of vocational education, it has yet to appeal to American students on a broad scale…”

  7. I’m going to be done paying my loans before the 6 year mark! Soon as I am done I’m going for the job I really want! Keep going everyone !

  8. And this is why government involvement is bad. To correct the problem:
    1) Eliminate government backed college loans
    2) Allow people with college loans to go through bankruptcy

  9. She needs to get a master’s degree so she can get a better job to pay back the debt. Master is the new bachelor!

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  13. THEN STOP BORROWING MONEY!!!!! Are you kidding me? Stop believing the lie. Debt for diploma is a SCAM!!!!


    We got two years of community college for free. Just saying, you got options. Avoid private loans, guys…it’s really REALLY bad.

  15. Scream from the mountain tops “we are victims” — go to work people. pay for college. debt is a choice, not a requirement.

  16. ohhhh the effects of personal choices. my god people. these are not victims. they made bad choices. its in the news everyday. and people still sign for more debt. stupid.

  17. And??? No one paid off my student loans but ME. So do not use my tax dollars to pay off a loan another person SIGNED FOR💯🤮👎🏽

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