Fri. May 20th, 2022

By Ali

35 thoughts on “One of U.S.’ largest student loan services agrees to $1.8B settlement l GMA”
  1. Honble UPA Chairperson Smt Soniagandhi madum please fight for to implement Ballot Paper voting system in next MP elections in 2024and to save democracy in india and public opinion in favour of Ballot Paper voting system and right to vote is fundamental right.public opinion is foundation of democracy

  2. Not true for everyone, my question is why did they send my loans to aid advantage before this move?

  3. If you borrow money, you pay it back, period.
    However, Navient will rape you with their interest rates like your on a date with Bill Cosby. I know this from experience.

  4. Not true for everyone, my question is why did they send my loans to aid advantage before this move?

  5. But didn’t hey get bought out by another company like 3 months ago? 🤔 they sold our loans to another company so how will this work?

  6. lol, you may have won $260! just contact the student loan department and provide them with your current address and real phone number 😋.

    1. EXXXXACTLY the words I was about to say. $260 to the huge balance left on a ParentPlus Loans wrongly directed to take in 2004, bogus information and the loan has never been transferred when my child reached the age of 18.

  7. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble
    and He will deliver you.”
          – Psalm 50 : 15

  8. Atleast it would be a relief to others but why keep on increasing tuition costs

  9. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy gosh!!!!!!!!!!! This is a huge sigh of relief if this goes through!!!

  10. I knew something good was about to happen when I saw two ladybugs 🐞 in my room last night.

  11. Just forgive all student debt. Freeing these ppl from debt, frees them to contribute to the economy.

  12. Please DO NOT let the Biden Administration and Democratic Party… try to take credit or use this settlement as justification, for no longer moving towards Student Debt Cancelation

  13. Students don’t need this they chose to go to school so now you have to pay and being adult about it

  14. That’s great but what about the people who have a high credit score and stayed on top of payments. Can they relieve my loan? 🤔

  15. I don’t want to be that guy. But that is unfair if it is limited to people who’ve defaulted. When I was out of college I had to take on credit card debt to stay alive as my navient payment was 900 with 700 of which was principal. Deferment and forbearance made my principal hit 140% the original as my interest rate was 13%. I did my damnedest to not default. And turns out I could’ve just defaulted…………wtf

  16. Some student loans from Navient were transferred or sold to another loan company. All Navient loans even the transferred ones should be waived. Big companies never accept their wrongs they just pay the settlement and move on while ppl struggle and stress over the situation.

  17. Well this figures, relief comes too late after I paid off my loan, because navient was destroying my credit rating. Even if I get $250 back, that’s nothing compared to what I paid out

    1. Amen, I bled out my eyes not defaulting on an absurd 13% interest from navient.
      Turns out I would just be rewarded for not being responsible.

      Not to diminish others struggle BUT CMON

  18. They moved my loans to aidvantage. I don’t know what this means. Should I consult with a lawyer to see the possibility of settlement?

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