Thu. May 26th, 2022

The average monthly student loan payment is about $400 a month in the United States. Eddy Encinales, who used student loans to pay for college, talks to us about the effects of the debt and toll it takes trying to make her monthly payments and plan for her future.

Reporter/Camera: Deepak Dobhal

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34 thoughts on ““I Owe About $90,000 in Student Loans” | VOA Connect”
  1. Imagine that.. #biden backs out from his $10K student loan payout campaign promise! Lying #demorat

  2. Yes the system is broken. Stop lending money to people going after political science degrees or drama or language. STEM only.

  3. So she owns 90,000 to pay her debt for a degree they didn’t say for as we know she may got a useless degree or she got a good degree and she is not working hard to pay off her debt . She could have went to a community college then transfer other school or stay at community college . Do any of these people do even any research ? And I bet she is one of does people who wants the government to give college debt free . By free its going to the American tax payer so there you go ? Look it does suck for her bad people but alot of these should have been fix years ago . How is america known for the best army doctors and biggest place to do deals an it can’t fix it’s education system

  4. Ya…sure is “unfair” when you sign a financial commitment with the PROMISE to pay it back. Ohhh….that “play now, pay later” mentality. Pay up dummy.

  5. She makes $31k a year. Note that this video doesn’t say what degree in what subject she has.

    1. My aunt is though and majority of my engineering friends. They aren’t going to report to the media as they feel embarrassed since engineering was meant to be the degree that pays the most with a 4 year degree.

  6. This young woman is an excellent example of why the student loan program needs to be restricted to jobs that are truly economically viable and not allow people to choose to be foolish with their future and the taxpayers money. Here very plan IS TO NEVER PAY THE LOAN BACK IN FULL but to make the minimum payments for the 20 years and pray for debt forgiveness. She still fantasizes about a home, a marriage and children like others fantasize about winning the lottery. If she had learned anything through this process, she didn’t, it was she was defrauded and needs to work a minimum of 2 jobs for 5 years to free herself from this SLAVERY. But, no… minimum payments for almost as many years as she has been alive and hope for loan forgiveness.

  7. That why don’t pick a useless major. This isn’t like the 80’s where college is cheap back then you can major anything you want and even still worth go to grad school then. If college cost is up, then your only option is to do STEM because this is where all the highest paying job are these day.

    1. She’s a double major in economics and political science. Economics can be useful or useless depending on the person. Political science leans towards not as valued but it all depends on the person. Nowadays, stem isn’t always the highest paying.

  8. Your’e young, you have plenty of time to pay for it. You signed a contract. You have to keep your end of the agreement.

  9. The ultimate fault is with the person who signed all the loan paperwork.

  10. It’s time the United states made failure to pay student loan debt a criminal offense

  11. You can also blame the parents who forced their kids into these colleges.

  12. The only broken thing about the system is that this lady was dumb enough to go 90k into student debt for a worthless degree that got her her 30k job.

  13. Goverments just say that people need to go to University just to make money out of you dont need education to make money at least if you want to be doc, lawyer.

  14. They need a class to better explain what students are signing but the system is taking advantage of new adults who are old enough to take on debt but no explanation the outcomes. The schools just want the funding and the lenders see easy dollar signs.

  15. je suis profondémeigue touché par ceux que la direction artistike é vrémant pas d’éconante XD🤣

  16. I eat rice and bean to pay for my loan. You can do it too. I don’t want to eat rice and bean again to pay for your debt.

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