Thu. May 26th, 2022

Giving back to the community is a requirement for graduating seniors at Basha High School, as part of their “Basha Gives Back” program.

After noticing how the pandemic affected teachers, Jadyn Ocampo started brainstorming with her mom, Sara Ocampo on how to help.

“What if we created a scholarship specifically for helping them pay off their student debt?” Jadyn Ocampo said.

Jadyn Ocampo said that, as the applications came in, she began to realize the amount of teachers who are still paying off student loans. The goal they created was $1,000 for one teacher in the district.

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13 thoughts on “High school senior helping Chandler teachers with student loan debt”
  1. Great young lady will do great things
    Want to see more of what she can accomplish!

  2. Wow, such a well thought out service to the teachers in her community! She and her Mom did excellent work! Maybe this will go “viral” around the auS, and more Hs Seniors will honor their teaching community in this way; Student Loan Debt is probably the number one debt facing so many, especially teachers! God bless this project and it’s developer!

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