Thu. May 26th, 2022

Dave Ramsey’s Solution To The Student Loan Crisis

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By Daryl

29 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey’s Solution To The Student Loan Crisis”
  1. I have no sympathy for these morons with student loans they can’t pay. MORONS did it to themselves. Too! Bad!

  2. Without guaranteed student loans, would there not be a shortage of medical doctors, engineers, architects, etc. You cannot get a medical degree while working a full-time job on the side. What about that?

  3. My question is why hasn’t there been a prosecution of these college administrators for fraud?

    Forget the whole free college thing. I want to see all these college administrators and University presidents prosecuted and thrown into jail.

  4. I am so glad somebody with a megaphone has said this. STOP THE STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM! Colleges will lower their costs to stay in business. They will make their own loans, and make sure the students are able to repay.

  5. I’ve been told by several people older than me to NOT pay on my student loans. This never made sense to me since these same people are deep in their own student loan debt. Suffice to say I’m on a plan to graduate debt free by graduation.

  6. The solution of the student debt problem is to enact legislation that enables the debtor to file for bankruptcy. What would happen is that with the lenders being potentially exposed to huge losses as borrowers have their student loan debt discharged, the program would eventually be scuttled due to a lack of participation of lenders.

    I came across a receipt for my tuition for my first semester at the University of Maryland showing a payment of about $145. The cost did not include books, and student activity and athletic fees which was more than double the tuition. My daughter graduated college and did not pay a cent and it was not because she got a full scholarship. Rather, at the advice of me and others, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy where she committed four years defending our country and thus entitled to VA educational benefits. I would offer this advice to any college bound high school graduate. It is well worth deferring a college edication.

  7. It’s not really a student loan issue. It’s more of a economic issue. The colleges need to somehow communicate with the real world companies or employers depending on what the students major in. So that the students are job ready and get hired by these companies that the colleges communicate with so that they got a job right after graduation. Meaning the student gets a return on their investment and can pay back the student loans. That’s the problem. Student Loans is never the problem because a lot of people need those loans to help pay for college. If students can get a decent job after college believe me they will pay the loans back.

    1. Colleges need to train their students to have employable and job ready skills so that they can get a good job after college.

  8. I have a MA and in total owe $30k. That is after working my behind off to pay off other $70k while taking classes.

  9. Or maybe, invest in public education like other countries and make college tuition free. For every dollar we invest in higher education, the gov gets $2-$14 back. It makes all the sense in the world to invest in our future.

  10. The student loan crisis is making me scared about the future!

    I do plan on majoring in political science or something business-related. I am leaning towards political science, though.

    I plan on going to law school. I am not good at math, so majoring in CS/Engineering are not the best options. My fine motor skills are not the best, so healthcare may not be the best option.

    Maybe I will double-major. I may double-major in something policy-related and something business-related. If I do extremely well in my policy classes, I can go to a great graduate program.

  11. I use to regret not going to college thinking that I’m never gonna find a good job but now that I’m older I’m so glad I didn’t, I’m making just as much than some people with student loans of 100k or more with none of the debt

  12. So crazy. My husband and his brothers and sisters were loosely homeschooled and never went to college. They all work for themselves are and very successful

  13. Student loan crisis? If true our campuses are full of the dumbest students ever. If you don’t understand the terms of your loan contract and the likely ROI of that “degree” you are NOT college material. The real world will eat you alive, you were sold a bill of goods and I’m not interested in paying for your Music Appreciation elective.

  14. Yep its all hard work and individual initiative. We don’t need no loans! So says the elite who have mountains of cash and send their kids to expensive schools. Yep…. All common sensible.

  15. I just am hearing of people retiring with student loan debt. Not doing it right people!

  16. So your solution is stop giving them and then forgive them ?
    Does your forgiveness program includes remuneration for people who already paid using Hard work, perseverance and common sense ?

  17. That’s great in hindsight. But most people don’t grow up with this knowledge and are currently in a debt crisis.

  18. Dave Ramsey has be to one of, if not the most under-appreciated “celebrity” in America.

  19. People should be free to study whatever they wish, tuition free. An educated society is more efficient and economically strong society

  20. An honest question: What if we forgive all of the compounded interest and set up a payment plan to repay only the principle? Is that a dumb or a good idea?

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