Thu. May 26th, 2022

WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki talks about the Biden administration’s decision to extend the pause on student loan repayments to May 1, 2022.
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By Elvia

44 thoughts on “Biden Extends Pause on Student Loan Repayments #Shorts”
  1. So happy to be Canadian🇨🇦
    in addition to free healthcare (for citizens), we also get free college tuition (so no student debt) and cheap rent through subsidized housing and 25$ per hour minimum wage.

    So there is a very low number of unemployed people in Canada 🇨🇦 and virtually no homeless people.

    The only downside of Canada is the cold weather. 🥶but I’d say the trade off is worth it.

    1. Basically nothing you said is true (other than the healthcare). I am Canadian. We have tons of homeless in Toronto (same in Vancouver), our minimum in Ontario is 14.25, and college is absolutely not free. Are you lying or just sheltered from the real experience of Canadians?

    2. @Geo BignTall I’m a Canadian. Tell me what freedoms I don’t have. I’m free to vote without armed guards, I’m free to step out into the street and not get randomly shot. I’m free to become a billionaire if I wanted to.


    Suspend doesn’t qualify for unemployment

    1. @Stella Leicht I can’t work because others wanted to bully me and when I cussed it hurt feelings like Justin the Gamma and angel the omnicron and the little 3 amigos all the male bully backbones snapped from some cuss words.

      Suspend employment for an investigation doesn’t qualify for unemployment. And after over 90 job applications in 1 year you think a few more will hire or have more oppression.

    2. @Astro Llama But karma, but karma they have no back bone for equality!!!!!!! only a hierarchical dictatorship when the captian won’t know what or where the gear box is to steer a ship in the lose of electricity.

  3. Why is it that the Navajo nation only losses 4 to nun native a week mostly to covid while the whole the entire state of new mexico loses 34 ppl to the “new variant”…. Tell me why. If I didn’t know all ready😉

  4. Joe, you can’t buy off the Skags. AOC wants taxpayers to pay her student debt when she makes $147,000 a year. Is this meant to keep her quiet? Because she is going to keep knifing you at the top of her lungs. That’s who she is.

    1. U idiots rly voted this clown in n believed all his tweets .I know how u feel sleepy joe backstabbed the Mexican and Latin people w his tweets and promises which never happened but good luck for the people paying their loan that’s their problem not our problem

    2. Congratulations, that money is your taxpayer money. Thanks for the donation which help our teenagers learn nothing except using drugs getting drunk and thinking the world owes them everything or else the are a spokesman for xyz victim minority.

  5. First of all the student debt is not canceled! The tax payers will pay the bill! The rest of the absolute BS is totally not factual!!

  6. The federal government does nothing for us. They’re massive and wicked and worthless and stupid. They cause wars intentionally and we are expected to toss our children into graves to support their evils. It’s time we restructure the entire system. The federal government are and always have been out of control!!! The new system should not only limit their power, but take it away entirely. With modern technologies we can streamline a system that puts the power in the hands of the states and The People, where it was intended to reside in the first place. Most importantly, we need to kill The FED!!! Our treasury is supposed to print our money for free!!! The FED is a private bank, complete with secret shareholders, which LOANS our money into existence bearing interest. That’s insane!!! It’s supposed to be OUR money!!! Their collection agency, the IRS, is also a private concern and has no ties to the government. In just over 100 years, these two agencies and thieves of American prosperity, have us over 30 trillion dollars in debt! That’s right, we owe money to crooks!!! That’s crippling our nation, and our federal government is powerless and afraid to do anything about it. In fact, the federal government are puppets who do what the FED tells them to, and when they tell them to do it! What does congress do, they conspire against us, we need to keep our reps at home where we can keep an eye on them. They can’t be trusted!

  7. Pause pause pause, then comes the delay delay delay, and then the big one CANCEL. I think home boy will do the right things

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